Fire ant training

Our free training supports general residents, community groups, tradespeople who work outdoors, school staff and primary producers in learning more about fire ants and how to manage them.

Fire ant training will provide you with an understanding of the pest, their impacts and how you can help protect South East Queensland from fire ants.

Our training can be completed on a computer, laptop or mobile device. You must have a stable internet connection.

There are several different training options available:

· Fire ant training for residents

· Fire ant training for workplaces

· Fire ant awareness and treatment training

Fire ant training for residents

This course will help you identify fire ants and their nests, and understand how you protect your home from them.

The course material will take 15–20 minutes to complete.

When: Available 24/7
Cost: Free

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Fire ant training for workplaces

This course will help you carefully manage fire ants or materials that can carry fire ants, such as soil, hay, mulch, animal manure, quarry materials, turf and potted plants.

This course material will take 30-45 minutes to complete. A certificate will be provided at the end of the training and completion of a short multiple-choice assessment.

When: Available 24/7
Cost: Free

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Fire ant awareness and treatment training

This course will give you the skills you need to identify fire ants, their nests and treat them on property you own or manage.

Where: Online via MS teams
When: 9am-10am monthly, view upcoming available sessions
Cost: Free

Does your workforce need training?
Fire ant training is available for large workforces on your premises. To discuss this option with a trainer please complete a request form.

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